Using social media to recruit top employees

Using social media to recruit top employees

Most businesses take the approach of using social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter solely for marketing or sales purposes only. However, these communication channels can be just as valuable when it comes to customer service and recruiting future employees.

Using the below ten ideas can help leverage the opportunities social media offers to find new employees. Putting the effort in now to growing your network now can pay off next time you have a job opening.

Unique branding opportunities
Using social media to show off a business’s working culture and environment can help attract those looking for a work environment that looks positive and relatable. Many social platforms allow businesses to demonstrate their values and the working benefits that may appeal to future candidates.

Greater visibility
As long as businesses continue to post engaging content for their followers, their brands will regularly show up in user newsfeeds. Regularly posting means it is more likely businesses will stay top of mind in prospective employees’ minds when they are on the hunt for a new job.

Broaden the applicant pool
Businesses on social media are more likely to reach more potential candidates. The larger applicant pool, the more choice a business has over whom they will hire.

Use current employees as referrals
Since current employees already know and understand a business’s culture, they often produce the best referrals since they know what kind of employee a business wants or needs. Using social media simply makes this referral process easier, as all an employee needs to do is share or retweet a job posting on their social media profile.

Speed up the hiring process
It only takes a few minutes to post on Facebook or tweet on Twitter about a job opening at your business, whereas publishing a job listing on other job seeker sites may take a little longer.

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