Getting employees to work as a team

Getting employees to work as a team

Having a group of employees that work as a team is a strong asset for your business. Individuals who are used to working as a team and feel comfortable doing so are more likely to be strong problem solvers, resourceful and supportive.

The following tips can enhance the way your employees interact with each other:

Team bonding activities
Ice breakers are great for breaking down barriers between employees and encouraging teamwork. Ice breakers come in all different forms; you can play games within the office, or you can try any activity that encourages team bonding and sharing experiences outside of their work responsibilities, such as yoga in the park, going to an escape room venue, or a team lunch.

This may sound like a no-brainer, but communication is more than just talking to one another. Consider the chain of command; who employees go to when they need help and how they approach this person. The process may be one that encourages open communication, such as going and seeing said person or it could be more closed such as filling out an online form.

Office layout
The way the office is laid out can enhance or diminish opportunities for your employees to work as a team. Factors to consider in terms of layout and encouraging a team mentality include:
– the comfortability of shared spaces such as eating area, foyer and kitchen
– the lighting
– layout of desks
– ambient noise.

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