Alternatives to link building

While link building remains a consistent and reliable strategy to improve a website’s search engine ranking, it is an SEO strategy that has largely fallen out of popularity in the SEO community.

This is due to changing search engine algorithm updates and incorrect link building practices that have given link building a bad name.

However, search engines, like Google still need a way to determine a business’s website’s authority, authenticity and if it is trustworthy. Here are three modern alternatives to link building businesses can use to experience the benefits of inbound links to their website.

Brand mentions
It has been speculated that search engines, like Google, can detect online mentions of your business and then associate those mentions directly with your business’s website. For businesses, the best way to do this is through guest blogging. Because search engines don’t penalise brand mentions, businesses also have more flexibility regarding the sources and frequency used to gain brand mentions. This SEO strategy is the most similar to link building.

Social shares
Social media attention also correlates with higher search engine rankings. Businesses with more social media activity give off stronger brand signals to Google’s algorithm, which results in higher search rankings. Social media posts or links to a business’s website that are shared, liked, favorited, or commented on via a social media platform, also shows Google that the content is relevant and authoritative. This can result in businesses receiving a higher search ranking. This is why businesses should aim to create as much valuable content as they can, and share it with their social media audience as often as they can.

Online reviews
Businesses that use third-party reviews may also see an improvement in their search engine ranking. Search engines explore online review sites to learn and identify who attracts the greatest number of good reviews compared to bad reviews. Therefore, the more good reviews a business has on each of these sites, the higher the business’s website will rank – not just on Google, but also on the review sites themselves.

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